Track and Field Records

Record-breaking performances by Northland Masters athletes have been kept since the earliest days of the Northland Veteran Athletics Club (Norvets), recognising performances from both within and outside New Zealand.  The list of Northland Masters Athletics track and field records includes only those performances achieved by registered club members.

Click here to download a copy of the current NMA records (as at April 2024).

Ratification of Records

Record-breaking performances by Northland Masters athletes must be ratified by the Northland Masters Athletics Committee within six months of having been achieved.  The committee will automatically monitor and update the records list with any record-breaking performances set at the following major competitions:

  • NZ North/South Island Championships
  • NZ National Championships
  • Oceania Championships
  • World Championships

Outside of these competitions the responsibility for supplying details of record-breaking performances rests entirely with the athletes concerned.  Unfortunately, it is just not realistic for NMA committee members to monitor the results of all masters competitions within New Zealand or overseas, in which Northland athletes may be involved.

Application Form

If you wish to submit a record for ratification, please complete a NMA record application form available here.

Think you've broken a record?

Great stuff!

What should you do?

If the record-breaking performance was achieved at one of the competitions mentioned on this page, then you don't need to do anything.  The committee will monitor these results and update the list of records automatically.

If your record-breaking performance was not at one of these competitions, then check out the list of current records to be sure your performance beats the mark.  If it does, then download and complete a record application form and submit this to any member of the committee for ratification.

Then what?

The committee will consider your application at its next scheduled meeting and let you know asap regarding ratification.

Once ratified?

The list of current records will be updated and published here online to reflect the new record you've set.